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3rd Annual Atom/Pee Wee/Bantam/Midget
4 on 4 “PLAY ON” Tournament

May 24,25,26th/2019
Civic Center, Corner Brook

- Teams must consist of 8 players and 1 goalie.
- Players Must play in Division they were in this season past.
- Players can come from any Association.
- Players can be drafted into teams or YOU CAN ENTER YOUR OWN TEAM.
- Medals and Banner for winning Teams.

All Details Below. Players will be accepted on first come first serve basis. Only 6 teams per division will be accepted.

To REGISTER a team please email, or call 640-7825 or register at

3rd Annual SFE 4 on 4 Tournament

- 5 min warm up.
- Pucks will be provided for warm up.
- 24 Min Refereed Games.
- Ice Cleaning after every three Games. If Schedule falls behind this can change.
- Change on 1.5 minute buzzer.
- Players jump boards on buzzer, no face off. Players on ice return to bench on buzzer.
- Only one face off at start of game. Play on Rules.
- If Goal is scored. Puck is taken behind net and scoring team clears outside blue line……then PLAY ON.
- If puck is covered by goalie, puck is played behind net while opposing team backs up to hash marks…..then PLAY ON.
- If penalty is called, whistle will sound, puck possession will be given to non offending team. Offending team backs up. Penalty will be recorded by score keeper for penalty shot at end of the game.
- Regular Hockey Rules except…..No Icing, Penalty is Penalty Shot, Fighting is suspension for rest of tournament.
- Penalties will be recorded and penalty shots will all be taken at conclusion of Game.
- We will use HNL Booklet and Tie Breaking Rules.
- Teams Must have 8 players and 1 goalie.
- Teams can consist of players from any association or from any town as long as they fall within age limits.
- All players must be paid in full prior to start of tournament You can send registration to address on our website or email transfer to
- Cost will be $100 per player.
- Players must have white and dark jerseys. All jerseys do not have to be the same, as long as they are same colour.
- If a player gets injured or sick during tournament, a team can pick up another player not already in tournament. We will have a list of available players.
- If a player can’t continue a game that has already started, players will have to be rotated through that spot. Same players CANNOT be consistently double shifted.
- Any player substitution must be approved by Coordinator.
- Each team will get a minimum of 4 games.
- Medals for top two teams, plus Gold Medal Banner.
- Tournament will be run on a gentlemen’s honor system. We expect coaches to be fair to all players, be respectful of other teams, coaches, and referees. Zero tolerance for failure to obey these rules.

While this is a tournament format, we are running this program under the Shoot For Excellence policy which is:

Treat all players fairly, equally, and respectfully in a fun learning environment while providing an opportunity for all to learn, compete, and have fun.



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